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Tommy John Elbow Surgery

The statistics are drastically rising on the number of kids having the "Tommy John Elbow Surgery" due to the amount of stress put on their elbow ligaments from throwing curve balls.  This conditions threatens many kids the opportunity of their chance at playing in college and minor league due to the damaging results from being allowed to throw curve balls at such a young age.  Umpires now have the option of first warning a pitcher and/or removing them from the game if they continue throwing improper curve balls.

Pitch count is highly stressed and important to not put a child at risk of damaging their arms.  National Little League recommends that local leagues adopt a policy on pitch count (i.e. 6 pitches per year = 10 year old 60 pitches per game) or (9 - 12 year olds around 76 pitches) versus the six innings per week.

A player should not go pitcher to catcher in the same game because it doubles the amount of stress on their arm.  Parents and coaches should be aware of the care of the pitcher's arm after each game.