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Mar, 2020

Temporary Suspension of Little League Activities until 4/6

Northridge Families,

Little League International has recommended that there be a suspension of all practices, games, meetings, and events, until April 6th, and this is effective for all Local Little Leagues and Districts on this Earth.

What does all of this mean for us? 

It means that there will be no Opening Day festivities this Saturday.  It means that there will be no games, practices, or meetings until April 6th.  It means that we are going to have to stay flexible, to adjust, to adapt, and to stick together.  We might not be able to see each other at the park, but we will absolutely come up with creative ways we can to keep the kids learning about Baseball, and to continue developing their Character, their Courage, and their Loyalty.  I don't know what the immediate future holds, but my commitment to teach our children to play fair, to do their best, and to give best effort, is unwavering.  I appreciate all of your commitment to the same, and I'm sure there will be more to come very soon.  

Yours in It's What You Do Next,

Kathleen Dippert
NRLL President

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